About Neurofeedback - For Clients

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Neurofeedback is a subdivision of Biofeedback. Biofeedback is a general category of monitoring the body's involuntary processes, such as skin temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate and then using this information as feedback during a form a training to promote control over these usually involuntary bodily processes.

During neurofeedback training, it's your brainwaves that are monitored. Using this information, your brain can learn to normalize faulty brainwave patterns. Over time these “new”, more optimum, brainwave patterns can replace the old faulty patterns leaving you with an enhanced ability to handle the stressors of life.

During neurofeedback, there is nothing done "to" you. Your brainwaves are simply monitored and all the action comes from your brain in the form of learning during the training. Due to neuroplasticity (the  brain's ability to change) the effects of neurofeedback training can be significant and permanant.

In introducing neurofeedback to clients, I have found this video to be very helpful.  For a deeper dive into the science, feel free to check out the For Healthcare Providers section as well.

Here is another video I have found helpful for understanding neuroplasticity (how our brains can change).  It's not about neurofeedback specifically, yet it's a fascinating look at our brain's amazing capacity for change.