Healing Minds incorporates a balance of a warm, open, and safe environment and cutting-edge neuroscience. We are commited to meeting your specific goals through evidence-based clinical practice.


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We will begin with in depth consultation where we discuss both your history and your personal goals for your neurofeedback training.  

Brain Mapping

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After the in depth consultation, we will conduct the brain map (QEEG).  You will sit quietly and comfortably and will be wearing a soft cap (seen above) with multiple electrodes monitoring  your brainwave activity.  This allows us to determine your baseline brain activity.

Brain Training


On your visit following your brain map, we will begin neurofeedback training.  A plan very specific to your personal goals and the information gathered from your brain map will be developed for you. 

In a very relaxed setting, you will feel more or less like you are playing a video game.  Except, in this case it's your brainwaves that cause the action in the video.  The goal, using neurofeedback, is to train your brain to create brainwaves closer and closer to the ideal brainwave pattern specific for you.  

Your brain will literally learn to create and maintain more helpful brainwave activity.  Since this is an actual process of learning, rather than simply stimulating brainwaves, the changes you will experience will become long lasting.  The goal will be for you to experience a new normal with a more positive and helpful brainwave pattern.

Effectiveness is greater with sessions occurring at a weekly minimum for most individuals. The total number of sessions varies by individual goals. The literature supports 20 sessions for sustained benefits of training.


Ten sessions typically allows sufficient time to begin noticing increased awareness and subtle changes in behaviors. Training plan will be re-evaluated every 10 sessions and new recommendations made based on progress. As with any approach to wellness, any single method does not work for everyone. There will be individuals who do not see improvement with neurofeedback training, so there is no guarantee. I am committed to only proceed with training in individuals who are having positive results and to stop training when the maximum benefit has been reached.


Neurofeedback Training Rates

Initial Intake with 1st training session $200.00

Training sessions are $100.00

The total number of sessions of neurofeedback is highly individual. A minimum of 20 sessions is recommended to maintain the changes of neurofeedback training. Healing Minds will re-evaluate the QEEG and symptoms every 10 sessions.  Healing Minds is committed to stopping training when new benefits are no longer being seen.

  • Sessions are purchased in 10 session increments to ensure the continuity of training.

  • A $100 discount will be given if payment is made in full at the 1st session of the series.

  • Payment terms will be addressed individually if payment is not able to be made in full.

  • Neurofeedback Training is not a covered expense per health insurance per the experimental language discussed in the consent. This may affect HSA/FSA reimbursement. It is your responsibility to determine if the expense is reimbursable per your HSA/FSA and seek reimbursement if applicable.

To learn more about neurofeedback, please see the About Neurofeedback page.